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Residential Roofing in Anderson, SC serves all home and property owners throughout the Anderson area, helping to maintain the feel of comfort and protection you get from your roof. We have a team built up of friendly and helpful staff with a wide range of expertise and skillsets.

You can be sure that the harsh South Carolina seasons aren’t too much for our roofers. We will happily take on correcting storm damage, and protecting your home against mold, mildew, and leaks. We only deliver top-quality craftsmanship and take on every job with a high focus on safety.

Contact Anderson Metal Roofing and Shingles today to schedule an appointment for a consultation or full inspection. As part of our first appointments, we’ll discuss all of our findings with you in-depth and what we recommend to resolve these issues.

Anderson Metal Roofing and Shingles carry full licensing and insurance to ensure that we are ready and able to take on any job.

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Safety Roofers In Anderson, SC

Roofing comes with a wide range of dangers, and our staff knows that safety is always the top priority. When we come into your house to start repairs, our staff conducts an initial review to ensure that all of our equipment and men can safely work on the home.

Our team of roofers all meet or exceed OSHA safety standards and focus on ensuring that every person working takes every precaution possible. Part of our process involves keeping extremely clean work environments, which greatly reduces the chances of accidental injury. We are a fully licensed and insured roofing service.

25 Years of Excellence

Over the last 25 years, we’ve focused on building our service list. Anderson Metal Roofing and Shingles Roofing currently offer full carpentry repairs, shingle replacement, gutter system maintenance, gutter repair, and more. If you believe that your roof needs any repair, contact Anderson Metal Roofing and Shingles right away.

A roof that need repairing in Anderson, SC.

Our staff comprised of expert roofing contractors as well as contractors with experience in carpentry aim to help repair your roof in any way possible. From responding to emergency services and storm damage to repairing shingles, we are happy to serve you.

Replacing Damaged Shingles

Shingle replacement is a standard repair for homeowners, and it’s not uncommon. You do want to be careful and ensure that you do replace shingles quickly after a storm to prevent further damage.

When you are looking at your roof after a storm, it’s vital that you take action quickly. The shingles are the top layer of your roof, and it’s the best protection from extensive damage.

Shingles protect your home from:

  • UV rays
  • Wind damage
  • Rain and water damage

To find out if you need shingle replacement, call Anderson Metal Roofing and Shingles now. You can get help choosing the right material, matching color, and more. Having an expert in your corner can extend the life of your roof and stave off extensive damage.

If you see signs such as bald spots, or curled shingles could be a warning sign of worse issues. Homeowners with these tell-tale signs might have to consider the possibility of re-roofing.

Gutter System Cleaning and Repair

When it comes time to clean the gutters, no one wants to do it. Gutter systems quickly fill up with debris such as fallen leaves, and even birds nests. Then there’s the additional issue that comes with rainwater and snow. The ultimate result is a sludge that backs up the system and doesn’t allow water to go through the gutters.

Anderson Metal Roofing and Shingles provide everything from gutter maintenance to installing preventative measures such as grates and heating elements. We help homeowners understand how water damage from poorly kept gutter systems is the root cause for most roof problems.

Through spring and summer, you can schedule preventive maintenance or repairs for your gutter systems.


Carpentry is an almost lost art where you might imagine people coming in and crafting excellent pieces of art that serve as furniture. Well, you’re not far off as our expert carpenters will certainly craft excellence that is useful. Our team of carpenters will work with you during a roof restoration or repair project.

We always take care to preserve the integrity of the home and believe that carpentry and its requirement of outstanding care in craftsmanship is the best way to do that. We aim to only update or restore the structure in significant ways.

Contact carpentry and roofing professionals for a consultation on repairing the structure of your roof. Often homeowners become concerned when they see warping or sagging. You can get ahead of that damage with a consultation today.

Fascia Repair


Fascia is the support system for your roof, and if you’re not familiar with what it looks like, you see it every day. The wooden border around your home that you paint for aesthetic purposes. It helps defend your house and roof from excess water and wind damage.

Unfortunately, the very thing that your fascia protects your home from leads to its demise. Wind and rain damage can lead to mold, infestation, and wood rot. The best way to tell that your facia is beginning to deteriorate is to look for chipping paint.

Any damage to your paint such as cracking or flaking are signs that the wood beneath needs help. Do not just add another layer of paint, instead, call in a roofing expert.

A roofer doing some fascia repairs

Re-Roofing Services

The average lifespan of a roof is about 40-years. Your last could easily last you for 50 years with proper maintenance and care. However many people find themselves needing a complete re-roofing after 20 or 30 years.

You can begin your reroofing service as soon as possible, but this service does require some planning on our part and the homeowners. We take these large jobs and break them down into easily manageable chunks.

Residential re-roofing is a standard procedure that our teams are familiar with, and they offer only excellence. Delivering top-quality work, we take each step as a vitally important aspect of the final product.

During our 25 years of experience, we’ve worked with a wide range of homeowners helping them put new roofs on homes that they loved.

Anderson Emergency Roofing

Few homeowners prepare for who to call when you have an emergency roofing situation. High winds can detach fascia, blow trees into your roof, and snow can lead to cave-ins. In these situations, call Anderson Metal Roofing & Shingles for fast response and safe assistance through these repairs.

Regardless of the preventative measures that you put into place, emergencies happen. The forces of nature are brutal and can make your home unlivable for weeks at a time. Our teams work quickly to ensure that you can get back into your home safely and comfortably as quickly as possible. We promise to respond to any roofing emergency.

Additionally, we provide homeowners with a comprehensive restoration plan. Through the restoration process, our roofing contractors will layout a timeline, and work with your home insurance. Extensive damage doesn’t have to mean that you’re out of your home for weeks. Restoration and emergency response should be immediate.

Roof Inspections

We recommend that homeowners schedule a roofing inspection annually to get ahead of the damage. Correcting small issues like missing shingles can deter the costly damage of fixing damage from mold or years of water damage. During a roof inspection, an expert will identify all the possible issues with your roof and offer solutions to fix them.

After the inspection, you will receive a complete breakdown where you can prioritize repairs and schedule them at a time that suits you. Ideally, homeowners will be able to schedule repairs at more cost-effective times for them.

The primary benefit that comes from a roof inspection is that you will finally get a sense of what is going on under the roof’s surface. Inspecting your roof for fascia damage, carpentry damage, unsafe roof conditions, and mold is critical.

Get a roof inspection from a top roofing contractor who will offer a complete and transparent overview or your home’s health. A roofing inspection is for people who are looking to sell their home, get ahead of costly damage, or take proactive measures.

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